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Small Steps Montessori Preschool in Matakana

Small Steps Montessori Preschool, 250m from Matakana Primary, for children age 2 to 6. Small class sizes per teacher for individual care and attention.

Our pre-school programme for 2 to 6 year olds follows a Montessori curriculum in the morning and a Te Whariki curriculum in the afternoon.

With the understanding that children must transition to a non-Montessori environment at some stage, we've found that blending Montessori and Te Whariki offers some very real benefits.

Rather than a purist approach, we've adopted this well-rounded, holistic approach because we believe it provides the best blend of experiences for your child.

"I like that it's a mixture of Montessori and everyday learning. It's nice to have both."
Sally Greensmith, parent

Our blended approach creates a more realistic learning environment and benefits children by helping them seamlessly transition from preschool to primary school.

If Small Steps sounds like the right place to foster a love of learning in your child, we'd love to hear from you...

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Small Steps Montessori Preschool in Matakana feeds into...

  • Matakana Primary School for those wanting to follow a mainstream curriculum, or
  • Montessori unit of Matakana Primary School for those wanting to continue with a Montessori curriculum

Easy location, easy transition from preschool to primary school
We are located just 250 metres from Matakana Primary School. The school becomes familiar to our children because it's close by, we regularly talk about it, the junior classes are visited, and older children from Small Steps regularly depart for 'Big Steps'.

All this helps make the move from pre-school to primary school (or Small Steps to 'Big Steps' as our children know it) less frightening.

Easy for parents too!
For parents with children at both preschool and primary school, life is so much easier when you only have to travel to one location.

Holiday programme
We're also open 5 days a week during school holidays to provide a fun holiday programme for 2 to 6 year olds. This provides vital social interaction for children who don't have friends living nearby, and supports parents who have to juggle work and school holidays.

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Quality can exist outside the big smoke!
We believe that our rural location should not mean inferior service. The early years are crucial developmental years and it's important rural children have access to the quality pre-school education they deserve.

We take children from the greater Rodney area, from Puhoi to Pakiri, because we're of the opinion that it's worth driving a little further to ensure your child gets a great early childhood education.

Individual attention for small numbers of children
We have a high teacher to pupil ratio which means we give individual attention to each child. We are against large "take-a-number" sausage factory centres, and will never be like that. It may make commercial sense, but it doesn't make sense for children.

We believe small centres with high numbers of staff to children are better able to meet each child's needs, and better able to encourage and nurture your child. 

We get to know each child and what's happening with them, so we can guide them in a way that's relevant for them. We can move at your child's pace rather than expecting your child to move at the same pace as everyone else.

"It's just a hard to compare pre-school. It's brilliant... structured. My kids have never gone to Montessori before and I wasn't too sure about it but it ended up being really, really good. I was very impressed. It's not like a centre - the kids aren't just a number. They really feel included in the place and you feel very comfortable dropping them off - it's like giving them to extended family. You know they're going to be well looked after in a caring environment. I've put my kids through a few preschools but it felt quite formal with others, and a bit cold. But Joy felt like your Mum - very understanding while taking the time to listen." 
Amanda Donaldson, parent

We don't believe in simply being child minders. When you bring your child to Small Steps it's more a case of entrusting us with your child for the purpose of enjoyable education.

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